Caregiver Support-Ministry

Caregiv­er Support-Ministry is volun­tari­ly led by the found­ers, Peter and Paulet­te Teague and con­s­ists of three prima­ry areas of focus

Ministry Support

Minist­ry Sup­port ful­fills the gospel-centered out­reach ele­ment of our vis­ion and mis­s­ion. This in­cludes: the de­monstra­tion of God’s love and care to every­one in­vol­ved in the lives of our pre­ci­ous in­dividu­als as well as the in­dividu­als them­selves, the com­munica­tion of the gos­pel of Jesus Chr­ist to staff, famil­ies and oth­ers in­vol­ved with Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity, and being a shin­ing light of God’s love for all to see. Our Minist­ry Sup­port’s mis­s­ion is ful­filled through the spiritu­al de­velop­ment of clients and their famil­ies, sup­port­ers, and staff.

Parent and Caregiver Support Group (PACS)

The Parent and Caregiv­er Sup­port Group was foun­ded with the dream of band­ing a group of parents togeth­er to pray, en­courage, and sup­port one an­ot­her—realiz­ing and un­derstand­ing the rigors of pro­vid­ing daily care for a fami­ly mem­b­er with an in­tel­lectu­al dis­abil­ity. It is the goal of the Parent and Caregiv­er Sup­port Group to con­nect famil­ies so they can minist­er to one an­oth­er while be­com­ing a uni­fied and sup­por­tive group. The Parent and Caregiv­er Sup­port Group also pro­vides re­sour­ces and educa­tion on is­sues per­tain­ing to the needs of the fami­ly and their speci­al fami­ly mem­b­er. The Parent and Caregiv­er Sup­port Group typical­ly meets four times a year with cur­rent ac­tivit­ies and out­reach in­clud­ing the fol­low­ing.

  • Women’s Bible Study

  • Ac­tiv­ity Nights

  • Education­al clas­ses

  • Every­body’s Bi­rthday Party

  • Christmas Celeb­ra­tion (with the Church of the Open Door WINGS Minist­ry).

  • Pop-by Minist­ry


Paulette Teague, President
Suzanne Keim, Vice President
Ruth Ann Bailets, Treasurer
Open, Hospitality

IRA Respite and Retreats

It has been Jessica & Friends Community desire since the birth of our organization to have the capability to provide individuals and their families an opportunity to get away, to rest and relax, and to fellowship with other families in a vacation or retreat-type setting. This dream was was realized in December2013 when the Sullivan family gifted us the Indian Rock Acres (IRA) estate. Please take the time to learn about this wonderful gift and the services it allows us to provide.

Learn more about our IRA respite and retreat programs

For more information on our Parent And Caregiver Support Group, please contact
Sally Janora at or by phone (717) 747-1846.