Celebrating Legacies

Stel­la Neymey­er. Jes­sica's grandmoth­er, Stel­la, aka Grandma Neymey­er, would fly from her home in Iowa to York to spend time with her fami­ly, al­ways hold­ing a very speci­al place in her heart for Jes­sica. Stel­la not only prayed re­gular­ly for Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity, but also gave generous­ly appreciat­ing the be­auti­ful life that Jes­sica and her friends en­joyed be­cause of this minist­ry. She left us a lega­cy that means more than look­ing back and re­mem­ber­ing the many bless­ings of her life; it also means look­ing ahead and re­cog­niz­ing that she has gone be­fore us and given us a pathway of faith to fol­low.

Gladys Teague. Gladys was Jes­sica's grandmoth­er. She loved Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity and prayed for it daily. She al­ways wan­ted week­ly up­dates on the hap­pen­ings at Jes­sica & Friends. Since com­ing to Chr­ist in her early teens, she spent over eight de­cades mak­ing friends in heav­en by being a faith­ful pas­tor's wife, speak­er, men­tor, teach­er, and by li­v­ing the truth of God's word. One of Jes­sica's caregiv­ers re­mar­ked "I loved rea­d­ing her notes and cards to Jes­sica, and how Jes­sica would smile and giggle." Gladys is sore­ly mis­sed by Jes­sica, her fami­ly, and many friends.

Henry Weber. Henry, age 94, prayed faithful­ly every day for Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity. He was ac­tive­ly en­gaged in Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity until his last days on this earth. It was said that the verse that comes to mind when one thought of Henry Weber is John 1:16, "From the full­ness of his grace we have all re­ceived one bless­ing after an­oth­er." Henry was a tro­phy and chan­nel of God's grace through jesus Chr­ist, a true bless­ing to the many friends he made at Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity.

Dr. Donald "Pete" Piper. Pete was a loyal and faith­ful sup­port­er of Jes­sica & Friends, the York Com­mun­ity, and the under priviled­ged of the world for many years. In 1992 Pete re­tired from his fami­ly prac­tice and spent a year (with his wife Annie) as med­ical mis­sona­ries at the med­ical clinic he es­tablis­hed in Kajabi, Kenya. He con­tinued to serve on short term mis­sona­ry trips throug­hout his re­tire­ment. Pete loved Jes­sica & Friends and was a long standng board mem­b­er; even com­mut­ing 150 miles round trip for board meet­ings when he moved from the area. In his later years Pete re­mar­ked "Jes­sica & Friends has be­come my favorite char­ity for sever­al rea­sons. There is a great need for care for these speci­al folks and their parents. Jes­sica & Friends has been able to pro­vide faith based ser­vices to many in­clud­ing re­spite care, train­ing, and em­ploy­ment. I was bles­sed to be a part of this com­mun­ity and a mem­b­er of the board."

How thank­ful we are that death is not the final word, but Jesus Chr­ist is. Jesus is the re­sur­rec­tion and the life. Be­cause of Jesus, we still grieve, but not with­out hope and joy for those who are al­ready home.

 Creating a Legacy

The in­dividu­als we've highlighted all shared a com­mon theme and pur­pose. First, they were com­mit­ted in ser­vice to God and bring­ing Him glory. Second, they pur­pose­ly prayed, ser­ved, and gave fin­an­cial­ly in ways that are im­pact­ing in­dividu­als well past their years on this earth.

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Core Values

We value and affirm the inherent dignity, significance and worth of each person regardless of physical capability and intellectual function (Psalm 139:13-16).

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 Make a Difference

Jessica & Friends has many opportunities for volunteers to assistant in serving our special individuals and families. Our volunteers consistently remark at how the individuals they serve bring them joy, happiness, and blessings through their service.

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