Fine Arts Program

One of the fin­est ser­vices at Pathway is our visu­al arts pro­gram. Using “guided by di­rec­ted” tech­niques, our in­dividu­als are able to create strik­ing works of art. This tech­nique is an art based therapy that stimulates im­mediate at­ten­tion, mem­o­ry, and be­havior im­prove­ments. The in­dividu­als ex­peri­ence a sense of ac­hieve­ment and sig­nifican­ce, qualit­ies that are often lack­ing in peo­ple with the uni­que chal­lenges of in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies.

The creative works of our in­dividu­als reach beyond our own doors. Art­ists and their works have been dis­played at York First Friday events, York City Mayor's office, PAR office in Harrisburg, and in The Gal­le­ry at Com­mon Grounds at Li­v­ing Word Com­mun­ity Church.



 Meet the Artists

The Infused Arts Ministry at Living Word Community Church exhibited artwork created by our Pathway artists. This wonderful brochure will give you an up close and personal view of our artists and some of their works.

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  Indian Rock Acres - Respite and Retreats

From the very be­ginn­ing of Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity the de­sire to offer free re­spite to our parents and their famil­ies has been a part of our vis­ion. This dream be­came a rea­l­ity in late 2013 when the Sul­livan fami­ly gracious­ly gif­ted their be­auti­ful co­unt­ry es­tate to us for this pur­pose.

Learn more about the IRA es­tate and our re­spite and re­treat pro­grams....