A Red Carpet Night - 3rd Annual Gala Celebration

Many of us have been fortunate enough to attend proms, homecomings and other special events. We've experienced what it's like to be decked out in our finest clothes and treated like someone special. Not so for most individuals with intellectual disabilities. That experience is no longer a dream for nearly 60 of our special friends.

Our in­dividu­al's even­ing be­gins with a grand ar­riv­al com­plete with a com­memorative photo taken with a vin­tage Cor­vet­te and then de­live­ry to the Co­unt­ry Club's front en­tran­ce in a later model Vette. Ar­riv­ing in the Grand Ballroom, each at­tendee has a form­al photog­raph taken in their Gala at­tire.

Each of our special guests are then introduced as they enter the ballroom and walk the red carpet to the applause and cheering of the entire ballroom. Words cannot describe the joy and beaming smiles as they have their special moment walking the red carpet like the shining stars they are.

We extend special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a special night for so many of our friends. We are especially grateful to the Corvette Club of York, DJ Chris Wagman, the Gala committee, and our faithful donors and sponsors who tirelessly support this ministry.


2016 Gala Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor
Presenting Sponsor


Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsor

Mr. Robert Weaver

Mrs. Jodi Bird

Dutch Valley Foods

First Primitive Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Levy

Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kochenour

Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Teague

Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Myers

Ms. Susanne Ollar

Dr. and Mrs. James Srour

Ms. Angela Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Strategos


Bronze Sponsors


Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blevins

Bollinger’s Electric

DeRolf Design And Consign LLC

New Beginnings Consignment

Genesis Asset Protection, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gentzler

Ms. Desiree Irvin

Mrs. Pamela Harbold

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Johnson

Ms. Sarah Keeney

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Keim

LRPM Inc. Lauer’s Interiors Plus

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCleaf

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Myers

Penn Waste Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith

South Hanover Automotive  LLC

Mr. Aaron Spangler

T&J Trophies, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Tarman

Threefold Janitorial Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wolford