Gala, 2023  

Jessica & Friends Community Celebrates 25 Years 

On Satur­day, Oc­tob­er 7, 2023, Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity is plann­ing a Gala celeb­ra­tion to be re­mem­bered. For 25 years, J&FC has pro­vided ser­vices to adults with aut­ism and in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies in a faith-based, car­ing en­viron­ment. We have grown from one home in 1998 to seven re­siden­ti­al homes, two person-centered day pro­grams, home and com­mun­ity, re­spite care, a parent and caregiv­er sup­port group, and sup­por­ted em­ploy­ment. We cer­tain­ly have a lot to celeb­rate!

Most im­por­tant­ly, this even­ing is a celeb­ra­tion of our speci­al friends. Many of us have been for­tunate en­ough to at­tend proms, homecom­ings and other speci­al events. We have ex­perien­ced what it is like to be de­cked out in our fin­est clot­hes and treated like some­one speci­al. Not so for most in­dividu­als with in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies. That ex­peri­ence be­came a rea­l­ity in 2014 for our friends, and it con­tinues to be an im­por­tant tradi­tion.

Gala 2019 Vintage Car

The even­ing be­gins with a grand ar­riv­al com­plete with a com­memorative photo taken in a vin­tage auto­mobile ar­riv­ing at the door­way to the Wisehav­en Event Cent­er where the lad­ies re­ceive a tiara and cor­sage and the gentlem­en re­ceive a crown and bouton­niere.

Red Carpet Walk

Each of our guests are then in­troduced as they enter the ballroom and walk the red car­pet to the applause and cheer­ing of the en­tire ballroom. Words can­not de­scribe the joy and be­am­ing smiles as they have their speci­al mo­ment walk­ing the red car­pet like the shin­ing stars they are.

Professional Photoshoot

A pro­fes­sion­al photog­raph­er is on the scene to snag those speci­al portraits of our guests.

Dancing Fun

Fol­low­ing a de­lici­ous di­nn­er, the dance floor comes alive with de­light­ful laught­er and danc­ing. A night to re­memb­er for both our speci­al friends and their famil­ies.

If you feel cal­led to spon­sor this in­spir­ing event, please click the link below for more de­tails on how YOU can help make that happ­en.

Thank you.


Premium Sponsor $2,500

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Strayer III


Gold Sponsor $1,500


Silver Sponsor $1,000

Community Sponsor $500


Individual Sponsor $200

Josh and Anna Beers

Children's Dental Centre of York

Mr. Jeffrey Forster

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Hollinger

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Keim

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Little

Ms. Wendy McMaster

Mr. Bob McMichael

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Shertzer


Our Vision

By faith, we strive to ful­fill and pro­claim the good news of the gos­pel by pro­vid­ing ser­vices to famil­ies im­pac­ted by in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies re­gardless of fin­an­ci­al stand­ing.

Our Mission

Provide faith-based services and supports for individuals and families with autism and intellectual disabilities. We seek to be a community which affirms the worth of all people, supports personal growth and wholeness, advocates for community and church inclusion, and provides opportunities for spiritual growth and service.