Give Local York 2020

Jessica & Friends Community is gearing up for York County's 24-hour online big give day, Give Local York, to be held on Friday, May 1, 2020. J&FC is participating with over 300 non-profit organizations. You can help make this the biggest day of giving in York County history.  

With a goal of $50,000, we need your help. Donations received from Give Local York will help support Jessica & Friends Community's ministry and fine arts programs. These non-funded areas of our programming are vital to adding value and enrichment to the lives of those we serve.

Read below about Valerie, Christopher, Noelle, Stacy and Gabby. Learn why these programs are so very important to them.

Hosanna Ringers

 Valerie loves creativity and is grateful for the art program at our Pathway Services York day program. Her favorite form of art is drawing. When she works with Marlo, art instructor at Jessica & Friends Community, she takes pride in her work and displays her creations in her room. Seeing the art she creates gives her a feeling of accomplishment. Valerie even loves to help clean up after her art time.

Meet Christopher whose favorite activity is MUSIC! Christopher loves singing along during group times with music instructor, Shane, at our Pathway Services York day program. He is also a big karaoke fan! It is inspiring and a joy to watch Chris stand up and sing his heart out to his favorite songs! Some of his favorites include “Party in the USA”, “10,000 Reasons”, “Do Lord” and “If I Were a Butterfly”. Chris not only loves to sing, he loves to dance along with the songs as well. He is very grateful for all that the music program offers at Jessica & Friends Community. 

Noelle loves the art program offered by Jessica & Friends Community’s Pathway Services Hanover day program with art instructor, Marlo. She is really glad that we offer a dedicated time for art at our day programs. Participating in art makes her feel happy and painting is Noelle’s favorite art activity. Noelle’s fondest art memories are of the angel ornament she created and the Christmas sweater she designed.

Stacy enjoys attending Jessica & Friends Community Pathway Services Hanover day program with her friends. Playing on the iPad and Bingo are two of her favorite things. However, Stacy adores music times most of all!  Stacy will always be found joining in enthusiastically and loves singing along with her favorite musical, High School Musical. When our music instructor, Shane, arrives, Stacy is right there and ready to sing. She can barely contain her joy as through each song she is up and dancing. She even includes sign language in her singing. If the music is on, you will not find Stacy sitting. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Stacy loves this aspect of our Jessica & Friends Community!  

Meet Gabby who attends Jessica & Friends Community’s Pathway Services York day program as well as our Community program. Gabby loves being involved at Jessica & Friends Community and taking part in the many different activities offered. Being musical herself, Gabby loves all things music and enjoys working with our music instructor, Shane. She is a member of Jessica & Friends Community’s handbell choir, the Hosanna Ringers, and she loves to perform out in the community at churches and other performances. Gabby has a beautiful talent for the piano and her performances wow the crowd, especially her flawless rendition of Für Elise. Gabby gives all glory to God for her musical talent which she loves to share when given the opportunity. If it wasn’t for the Hosanna Ringers performing at her church, she may never have known about Jessica & Friends Community. Music brought Gabby to Jessica & Friends Community and she is so thankful for that!

Through painting, changing into costumes, making musical voices, or beating a drum, individuals have an outlet of expression in the arts. By providing our friends with supportive, caring instruction, individuals develop their personal skills and enhance their quality of life.

Jessica & Friends Community is committed to developing the talents of each person we serve.

Please consider supporting these unfunded programs by donating on May 1st. Just click on

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 Our Vision

By faith, we strive to ful­fill and pro­claim the good nes of the gos­pel by pro­vid­ing ser­vices to famil­ies im­pac­ted by in­telec­tu­al dis­abilit­ies re­gardless of fin­an­ci­al stand­ing.

Our Mission

Pro­vide faith-based ser­vices and sup­ports for in­dividu­als and famil­ies with aut­ism and in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies. We seek to be a com­mun­ity which af­firms the worth of all peo­ple, sup­ports per­son­al growth and whole­ness, ad­vocates for com­mun­ity and church in­clus­ion, and pro­vides op­por­tunit­ies for spiritu­al growth and ser­vice.