The Sullivan House at Indian Rock Acres
​Respite & Retreats

From the early days of Jessica & Friends, a respite home for individuals and families was in the prayers and on the hearts and minds of our Founders and supporters. Meanwhile God was at work in the lives of Mark and Grace Sullivan as they contemplated what to do with their family home; a beautiful country estate. December 16, 2013 will long be remembered as another miracle day in the history of Jessica & Friends Community when God brought the dreams of an incredible couple together with the vision of Jessica & Friends Community.

Sever­al months ear­li­er, the Sul­livan’s had approac­hed selec­ted non-profits in the York Com­mun­ity about a de­sire to donate their be­auti­ful home, loc­ated in the roll­ing co­untryside of York Co­un­ty. The pro­per­ty in­cludes a re­stored 1864 brick home, a 1791 stone co­ttage, and 4 ½ acres of wooded land, com­plete with a stream, walk­ing path, and a won­der­ful­ly landscaped swimm­ing area and pavil­ion. The Sul­livan’s dream was to give all of this to a non-profit who would use it to strength­en the York com­mun­ity. Many long stand­ing pray­ers were an­swered as our pro­pos­al was ac­cepted and Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity was chos­en to re­ceive what we have named the “Sul­livan House at In­dian Rock Acres”.

The spr­ing and summ­er of 2014 have been busy times as we’ve wor­ked di­ligent­ly to de­velop our in­iti­al pro­grams and pre­pare the pro­per­ty for our ac­tivit­ies. In May 2014 Mil­lie and Glenn Mar­tin joined our team as the “In­nkeep­ers” for the pro­per­ty. Mil­lie is our Hos­pital­ity Di­rec­tor and Glenn over­sees all the pro­per­ty main­tenan­ce.

Re­treat and Re­spite ac­tivit­ies in­clude:

Fami­ly Fun Days

Co­u­ples Weekend Re­treats

Mom’s Weekend Re­treats

Mother and Daughter Weekend Retreats

Dad’s Weekend Re­treats

Fath­er and Son Weekend Re­treats

Thanks to the extra­or­dina­ry generos­ity of the Sul­livan fami­ly we have been able to ex­pand ser­vices to pro­vide faith-based sup­port, train­ing, re­spite, and re­crea­tion to our in­dividu­als with aut­ism and in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies, their famil­ies, and their caregiv­ers. IRA is bustl­ing with ac­tiv­ity dur­ing the week as our day pro­gram and com­mun­ity pro­gram par­ticipants enjoy education­al trips and life skill train­ing such as co­ok­ing, gar­den­ing, landscap­ing, and an­im­al care. We have also been able to offer this be­auti­ful es­tate to other faith based non-profit or­ganiza­tions in the com­mun­ity.

The Sullivans and JFC
Board Members

The humil­ity and grace of the Sul­livans can be felt in these words when Grace re­mar­ked, “We have just given our home, you have given your lives." The Sul­livans have given more than a home. They've given peace and hope to the many famil­ies im­pac­ted by in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies in our com­mun­ity.

To re­gist­er for an up­com­ing re­treat or event, pleae con­tact Mil­lie Mar­tin at or by phone (717)850-2601.


The Sullivan House at Indian Rock Acres
569 Indian Rock Dam Road
York, PA 17403

Re­treat Tes­timony

"The Co­up­le's Re­treat was com­plete­ly re­lax­ing - just what we needed to allow us a break from home and for us to re­con­nect. Thank you."

~ From a parent who at­tended a Co­up­le's Re­treat

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Retreat and Respite Testimony

"I want to thank you for host­ing us for Fami­ly Fun Day! We were bles­sed by your graci­ous hos­pital­ity. In­dian Rock Acres is a love­ly place and the per­fect sett­ing for a re­st­ful re­treat.

Your wil­ling­ness to in­vest in our lives validates my at­tempts at parent­ing my child as honor­able and worthwhile. It is chal­leng­ing to re­late to some­one you have just met, and even more of a chal­lenge with some­one who has dif­ficul­ty re­spond­ing in approp­riate ways. You showed you care by ris­ing to that chal­lenge and try­ing to en­gage in a meaning­ful way. And ‘meaning­ful’ to Ken­sie is not eas­i­ly measured; even as her moth­er, I am still learn­ing that her de­fini­tion of en­joy­ment is much dif­ferent than my own. Whatev­er her re­spon­se, I am sure she felt Christ’s love through you.

Thank you for giv­ing your time to serve us at Fun Day. God bless you for your en­courage­ment to us famil­ies!"

From a parent who at­tended a Fami­ly Fun Day