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The Many Faces of Jesus

The original artwork was created using watercolor, colored pencils and crayons.  Our Pathway Services York and Hanover individuals took part in creating their individual rendering of what Jesus looks like to them.   The process began with selecting their materials and drawing a cross in pencil to represent the four sections of the face.  This technique gave the individuals guidance in the placement of the facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth.  As they completed the face, many began to add background and clothing to their picture. The use of the cross was initially only to be used as a guide, many of the individuals wanted to keep the cross in their picture and used it in a variety of ways. 

We are pleased to offer this unique and custom piece of art to the community. Each poster is 11" x 14" in size. Proceeds from the sale of this artwork will be used to support the mission and programs of Jessica & Friends Community.

In ad­di­tion, we offer a 20 pack note cards. Each pack in­cludes one of the faces shown on the post­er and 20 en­velopes.

These items make great gifts. Please con­tact Cathy Sweet for pric­ing and or­der­ing.


On July 19, 2013, yet an­oth­er ele­ment of our vis­ion was rea­lized. It was al­ways a dream that Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity could pro­vide meaning­ful em­ploy­ment for adults with moderate in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies with­in a faith-

based work en­viron­ment. This dream be­came a rea­l­ity with the purchase of a bake­ry cal­led Mr. Pas­tie in Pen Argyl, Pennsyl­vania. Mr. Pas­tie's pre­vi­ous owner de­cided it was time to sell the busi­ness and was attrac­ted to the vis­ion of J&F Pro­ducts. We wel­comed the staff to our or­ganiza­tion and we know they are de­dicated to our mis­s­ion and vis­ion.

Mr. Pas­tie pro­duces a warm beef pie tur­nov­er cal­led a pas­tie. Past­ies are a tradition­al dish in the coal min­ing re­g­ions of Pennsyl­vania and in Welsh com­munit­ies around the world. Many hardwork­ing quar­rym­en with Cor­nish an­ces­tors car­ried a pasty in a "blic­key" (metal lunch pail) for "peace" (break time). Only a pas­tie was big en­ough to satis­fy their lunchtime ap­petites. Mr. Pas­tie meat and veget­able tur­nov­ers are still han­dmade and fin­g­er crim­ped. The homemade past­ies still melt in your mouth. The sec­ret is in the crust; tend­er and flaky pie crust. Enjoy Mr. Pas­tie as a hot lunch on the go, a sit down di­nn­er, or even "brown bag it" as a cold sandwich. There are many variet­ies to choose from to tempt your taste buds. There are par baked variet­ies and fully baked heat-n-eat micro­wave­able variet­ies. Our pro­ducts can be found in super­mar­kets ac­ross the Mid-Atlantic re­g­ion. Visit our web­site at www.mrpas­tie.­com to find a re­tail­er near you.


For ad­dition­al in­for­ma­tion on J&F Pro­ducts, con­tact Cathy Sweet at cathysweet@jandfproducts.com.


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