The Innkeepers at Indian Rock Acres

We are so bles­sed to be the re­cipients of God's grace through the gener­ous gift of the Sul­livan House and the In­dian Rock Acres es­tate. We look for­ward to many years of ser­vice to our in­dividu­als and famil­ies through our com­plimen­ta­ry re­treats, Fami­ly Fun Days, and other ac­tivit­ies. In­dian Rock Acres also ser­ves other faith-based non-profits, our day pro­gram par­ticipants and in­dividu­als in our Home and Com­mun­ity pro­gram.

A pro­per­ty of this mag­nitude re­quires a lot of main­tenan­ce and lov­ing care which is the re­spon­sibil­ity of our in­nkeep­ers Glenn and Mil­lie Mar­tin. Glenn and Mil­lie, for­mer­ly of Mount Joy, joined us in May 2014. Mil­lie is serv­ing as our Hos­pital­ity Di­rec­tor. From the mo­ment our guests ar­rive she makes them feel wel­comed and pam­pered. Mil­lie has been a school and church sec­reta­ry and ab­solute­ly loves work­ing in the gard­en, grow­ing flow­ers, and pre­par­ing de­lici­ous meals. Upon meet­ing her, you will agree that her humble spirit and warm smile are ob­vi­ous proof of her hos­pital­ity gift.

Mil­lie's hus­band Glenn, pro­vides main­tenan­ce sup­port look­ing after the 4 1/2 acres of pro­per­ty in­clud­ing the in-ground pool, the co­ttage, and the Sul­livan House. Glenn is al­ways in mo­tion as he works to keep this be­auti­ful es­tate in pris­tine con­di­tion. Pre­vious­ly Glenn wor­ked for Engle Business/Tos­hiba and in main­tenan­ce for St. John's Herr Es­tate in Col­um­bia. Glenn and Mil­lie have three grown childr­en and six grandchildr­en. They are grate­ful to be a part of this new minist­ry to the in­dividu­als we serve, parents, and famil­ies.



 Retreat and Respite Testimony

"I want to thank you for host­ing us for Fami­ly Fun Day! We were bles­sed by your graci­ous hos­pital­ity. In­dian Rock Acres is a love­ly place and the per­fect sett­ing for a re­st­ful re­treat.

Your wil­ling­ness to in­vest in our lives validates my at­tempts at parent­ing Ken­sie as honor­able and worthwhile. It is chal­leng­ing to re­late to some­one you have just met, and even more of a chal­lenge with some­one who has dif­ficul­ty re­spond­ing in approp­riate ways. You showed you care by ris­ing to that chal­lenge and try­ing to en­gage in a meaning­ful way. And ‘meaning­ful’ to Ken­sie is not eas­i­ly measured; even as her moth­er, I am still learn­ing that her de­fini­tion of en­joy­ment is much dif­ferent than my own. Whatev­er her re­spon­se, I am sure she felt Christ’s love through you.

Thank you for giv­ing your time to serve us at Fun Day. God bless you for your en­courage­ment to us famil­ies!"

From a parent who at­tended a Fami­ly Fun Day