A Caregiver's Prayer

by Desiree | 2:38pm February 25th, 2019

 "The Caregiver's Prayer" (by Peter Rosenberger). 

Heavenly Father, I love my child.
I have committed my life to caring for him/her,
Yet I know the task is greater than my abilities.
As I seek to help another,
I ask for strength to shoulder the burdens before me.
Yet I also ask for the wisdom to know what is mine to carry.
I ask for the courage to admit my failures and make amends.
I thank You for Your grace and mercy,
and ask that You help me daily apply it to myself
and extend it to others.
As I walk through this long valley of the shadow of death,
I ask for a deeper awareness of Your presence to calm my fears.
As I glance backwards, may I only see Your provision.
As I look forward, may my eyes see Your guidance.
May I reflect You as I minister to this one whom I love.
I pray all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,
Who laid down His own life ... for me.