Our Art Portfolio 

Marlo works with our creative artists exploring a variety of mediums and using different techniques to bring out each artist personality and passion. The photos below include African paper-mache' animals, pottery, canvas paintings, felt hearts with buttons creating a quilt, and mini individual sculptures of our program participants.

A new project currently being worked on in the community is the Markets At Hanover market mural. The mural is 14 feet height by 25 feet in length and showcases a family shopping in a farm market with a member of the family having a disability. The individuals working on the project are having fun adding their own expressions into the original concept. Notice the green tractor, this was hand drawn and painted by an individual who loves tractors. Our individuals love to be in the community working on art projects. We invite you to stop by and meet the individuals as you see us working on the project every Thursday and Friday inside the market.