Our Art Portfolio 

Staff work with our creative art­ists ex­plor­ing a variety of mediums and using dif­ferent tech­niques to bring out each art­ist per­sonal­ity and pass­ion. The photos below in­clude Af­rican paper-mache' an­im­als, pot­te­ry, can­vas paint­ings, felt hearts with but­tons creat­ing a quilt, and mini in­dividu­al sculp­tures of our pro­gram par­ticipants.

In 2018, Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity in­dividu­als along with art in­struc­tor, Marlo Sell, wor­ked togeth­er to com­plete a 14' high X 25' long mural in The Mar­kets at Han­ov­er. The mural show­cases a fami­ly shopp­ing in a farm mar­ket with a mem­b­er of the fami­ly hav­ing a dis­abil­ity. The in­dividu­als work­ing on the pro­ject had fun add­ing their own ex­press­ions into the origin­al con­cept. Notice the green trac­tor. This was hand drawn and pain­ted by an in­dividu­al who loves trac­tors. Our in­dividu­als love to be in the com­mun­ity work­ing on art pro­jects. We in­vite you to stop by The Mar­kets at Han­ov­er to shop and view the mural.