The Four Pillars of our Organization

Jes­sica and Friends Com­mun­ity is or­ganized with­in a struc­ture of centralized leadership (in­clud­ing Fin­an­ce and Ad­ministra­tion) and four pil­lars de­fined by their re­spec­tive areas of focus. Our pil­lar struc­ture en­ables us to pro­vide uni­que and per­sonalized care specific to the re­quire­ments of the clients or in­dividu­als ser­ved with­in each area of op­era­tion.

 Our Vision

By faith, we strive to ful­fill and pro­claim the good news of the gos­pel by pro­vid­ing ser­vices to famil­ies im­pac­ted by in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies re­gardless of fin­an­ci­al stand­ing.

Our Mis­s­ion

Pro­vide faith-based ser­vices and sup­ports for in­dividu­als and famil­ies with aut­ism and in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies. We seek to be a com­mun­ity which af­firms the worth of all peo­ple, sup­ports per­son­al growth and whole­ness, ad­vocates for com­mun­ity and church in­clus­ion, and pro­vides op­por­tunit­ies for spiritu­al growth and ser­vice.


Core Values

We value and affirm the inherent dignity, significance and worth of each person regardless of physical capability and intellectual function (Psalm 139:13-16).

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 Supporting Organizations