Salt'n Light Teen Ministry Lends a Hand at Indian Rock Acres

There is much crit­ism leveled at teens these days re­gard­ing motiva­tion levels and com­mit­ment. We are proud to re­port that those views don't apply to all and that there are teens who have a genuine in­terest in serv­ing oth­ers. One such group is the Salt'n Light minist­ry team.

De­monstrat­ing that no task is too big, this group of teens took on tasks that in­cluded stain­ing our large fence, re­mov­ing brush from our fen­cerow and brush clear­ing on our na­ture trail. To give you some con­text as to their ac­complish­ment, 100 gal­lons of stain was applied to the fence and a large in­dustri­al dumpst­er and sever­al truckloads of tree limbs and de­bris were re­moved. This was all ac­complis­hed dur­ing a per­iod of high heat and humidi­ty. Our hats go off to these teens who sac­rificed their per­son­al time to make a dif­fer­ence in other's lives.

If you are a mem­b­er of a church or minist­ry group, or have friends who want to join hands to help, please con­tact us for avail­able op­por­tunit­ies.



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 Indian Rock Acres Respite and Retreats

From the very be­ginn­ing of Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity the de­sire to offer com­plimen­ta­ry re­spite to our parents and their famil­ies has been a part of our vis­ion. This dream be­came a rea­l­ity in late 2013 when the Sul­livan fami­ly gracious­ly gif­ted their be­auti­ful co­unt­ry es­tate to us for this pur­pose.

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