The Five Pil­lars of our Or­ganiza­tion

Jes­sica & Friends Com­mun­ity is or­ganized with­in a struc­ture of centralized leadership (in­clud­ing Fin­an­ce and Ad­ministra­tion) and five pil­lars de­fined by their re­spec­tive areas of focus. Our Pil­lar struc­ture en­ables us to pro­vide uni­que and per­sonalized care specific to the re­quire­ments of the clients or in­dividu­als ser­ved with­in each area of op­era­tion.

  • Residential Services which includes a total of three residential properties
  • Day Programs (Pathway Services locations in York and Hanover)
  • Home and Community program
  • Caregiver Support Ministry that includes a Parent Support Group and a retreat/respite property (Indian Rock Acres)
  • Supported Employment allows employment specialists to work with Individuals through a thorough process of discovering their dreams and career aspirations. Individuals participate in job development exercises to develop a plan to assist them with reaching their goal of being competivitely employed.