The Board of Directors

One of the strengths of Jessica & Friends Community is its dedicated and committed Board of Directors. The Board brings together a wide range of experience and talent ranging from Fortune 500 and educational executive leadership, healthcare, entrepreneural/private business ownership, education, financial stewardship, and most importantly, representation from parents directly involved in the day to day challenges of caring for a child with an intellectual disability. All of them have been brought together through the grace of God to bring honor and glory to Him through the lives of the individuals we serve and their families.

  • Tom Brown, President
  • Diane Sargeant, Vice President
  • Rob Teague, Treasurer
  • Amy Brickner, Secretary
  • Dale Bubb
  • Jack Kline
  • Stu Levey
  • Doug Royer
  • James Srour
  • Doug Swartz
  • Dr. Peter Teague
  • Paulet­te Teague
  • Susan Wolf
  • Lee Stare, Honorary Member

 Our Vision

By faith, we strive to ful­fill and pro­claim the good news of the gos­pel by pro­vid­ing ser­vices to famil­ies im­pac­ted by in­tel­lectu­al dis­abilit­ies re­gardless of fin­an­ci­al stand­ing.

Our Mission

Provide faith-based services and supports for individuals and families with autism and intellectual disabilities. We seek to be a community which affirms the worth of all people, supports personal growth and wholeness, advocates for community and church inclusion, and provides opportunities for spiritual growth and service.

Our Friends