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The Five Pillars of Our Organization

Jessica & Friends Community is organized within a structure of unified leadership. Our five pillars are defined by their respective areas of focus. Our pillar structure enables us to provide unique and person-centered support across the life span of the individuals who receive our services within each pillar. 

Click here to listen to a WSBA radio interview with Mark McKenzie and our CEO, Jane Merolla.

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Residential Services

Our residential homes and apartments are created to support our residents to embrace their forever home. Support is provided by caring residential staff who teach each resident life skills that will promote growth and cultivate independence.  Each resident is encouraged to develop their gifts and abilities by becoming a vital part of their home, church, and community.

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Person-Centered Programs

Our Pathway Person-Centered Programs provide an environment for each individual to explore various interests and opportunities for skill development to ensure they have the support to live their fullest life. Our programs provide person-centered activities that are purposeful and meaningful by focusing on each individual’s choice, preference and interest. Our focus is to assist each individual to grow and develop, make their own decisions, achieve their goals and dreams, develop lasting friendships and become a contributing member of their community.

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Home & Community Programs

Our In-Home & Community Services provides support to individuals living independently or with their families in the community. Individuals receive support from dedicated staff who assist them with learning skills and developing tools they need to navigate their daily life. Individuals are given opportunities to explore and learn their community. Through skill development and exploration each individual has an opportunity to live a full, independent life within their community.


Parent and Caregiver Support (PACS)

Our Ministry pillar was founded on a dream of bringing together a group of parents to pray, encourage and support one another who understand the demands of providing daily care for a family member with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. Our ministry focus consists of three areas: Ministry Support, Parent and Caregiver Support Group (PACS) and Indian Rock Acres (IRA) respite and retreats for families.

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Supported Employment

Allows employment specialists to work with Individuals through a thorough process of discovering their dreams and career aspirations. Individuals participate in job development exercises to develop a plan to assist them with reaching their goal of being competivitely employed.

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Support Center

Jessica & Friends Community is led by a dedicated team of caring and trained individuals who bring many years of experience serving individuals and their families.  Each member of our Administrative Team is dedicated to the development of our employees by offering support, training and mentoring opportunities. The support from our Administrative Team does not end there as each member continuously strives to support our individuals to reach their God-given potential.

Interested in Jessica & Friends Community Services?

Our Residential Services are setup through an Individual's Supports Coordinator with York/Adams County Mental Health-Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (MH-IDD), 717-771-9618,

If you do not have a Supports Coordinator with MH-IDD, please contact them at the info above.

If you do have a Supports Coordinator with MH-IDD and would like to receive services through Jessica & Friends Community, please contact that Supports Coordinator.

If you are interested in Jessica & Friends Community Services, please use the link below to fill out the program application.

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